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#IssueIssue restated as requirementLimitationRelevant Profile SectionsResolved
1Manual exchange of metadata or (worse) raw config intoAutomated, ongoing metadata exchange and validationSoftware/OperationalIIP-ME01, IIP-ME02Yes
2Security risk/change control risk inherent in one-time MD exchangeAutomated, ongoing metadata exchange and validationOperational


3Lack of precise documentation and sloppy use of SAML constructs (in custom deployments)More specificity for use of some specific SAML featuresSoftwareThroughoutYes
4SP-initiated SSO as a "special" caseSupport for SP-initiated SSOSoftwareNot addressedIIP-SSO01Yes
5Lack of deep link supportSupport for deep linkingSoftware/OperationalNot addressed 
6Use of frames that break with 3rd party cookiesKeeping authentication screens as top level windows (not iframes)OperationalNot addressed 
7Lack of dynamic provisioning/entitlement-like attribute based authZSupport for attributes indicating group membership/entitlements (when customers handle authZ)Software/OperationalNot addressed 
8Lack of focus on AuthZ space and supportAs above?OperationalNot addressed 
9Lack of clock skew allowanceSupport for clock skewSoftwareNot addressed 
10Lack of encryption supportSupport for XML encryption at the SPSoftwareIIP-MA01, IIP-MA02, Section 2.5 (IIP-CA01 - 06), IIP-IDP11, IIP-IDP17 (maybe)Yes; IDP17 is about support of saml:EncryptedID, not sure if it belongs here
11Lack of key rollover supportSupport for key rolloverSoftwareSection 2.1.3 (IIP-MK01, IIP-MK02, IIP-MK03)Yes
12Requiring valid (vendor signed and/or expiring) certsSupport for long-lived, self-signed certs, which may or may not be expiredSoftware/OperationalIIP-ME02, IIP-CE03Yes
13Lack of discovery support/portable links (w/o hard coded IdP refs)Support for discovery servicesSoftwareIIP-SP07Yes
14Hard coded 1:1 SP:IdP modelsSupport for multiple IdPsSoftware/OperationalNot addressed 
15Require non-opaque, non-transient NameID (rather than attribute)Support for account identifiers in attributes (rather than NameIDs)Software/OperationalIIP-SP02, IIP-SP06, IIP-IDP12Partial; SP requirements simply state "don't misuse persistent" and "don't include policy in AuthRequests". Do we need statement about not requiring NameIDs?
16Requiring literal account IDs be asserted by IdPSupport for identifier mapping (i.e., IdP ID is mapped to an internal account ID)OperationalNot addressed 
17AuthnContextClass: not specifying at SP, but failing if PPT not used by IdPSpecify ACC; if unspecified, accept any ACCSoftwareIIP-IDP10Partial; Addresses the requirement in a roundabout way. Does not state "must not require an ACC if it is not specified in metadata'. (Note clear that such a requirement would belong in this document, though).
18AuthnContextClass: can't handle locally defined AuthnContextClassesAllow support of extended ACC's (as part of site-specific configurationSoftwareNot addressedPossibly; arguably inferable from IIP-IDP10, but it is not clear from IDP10 that IdP must support arbitrary values for ACC.
19AuthnContextClass: no "step-up" supportSupport use of "step-up" authentication (re-auth with new ACC and poss ForceAuthnSoftware/OperationNot addressed 
20Assuming Logout URL existsVerify advertised IdP SLO endpoint before directing user thereSoftwareNot addressedPartial; Says IdP must support, but does not indicate that SPs must honor IdP metadata.
21Logoff handling???SAMLSection 4.5 (IIP-IDP15 - 17)Probably
22Expectations of SLO???OperationalSection 4.5 (IIP-IDP15 - 17)Probably; (assuming this is largely a duplicate of issue 20
)23Browser cookie behavior impacting functionality (sessions not clearing, etc)???SAMLNot addressed 
24Attribute release standards for IdPs???OperationalNot addressed 
25Attribute release: suppressing grad students (FERPA concerns)???OperationalNot addressedIs this and 24 about configuring conditional release of data from specfiic users?
26Privacy practices: what is actually being kept private????TangentialNot addressed 
27Standardized and effective workflow for dealing with attribute release???OperationalIIP-IDP04, IIP-IDP05, IIP-IDP06, arguably IIP-CE01Partial; IIP-IDP04 and 05 are useful for support of entity categories, and IIP-IDP06 is useful to the extent that including md:RequestedAttributes is part of the operational solution. IIP-CE01 is useful to the extent that consuming or excluding metadata simplifies the process
28Vendors charging fees for setup and support of SAMLSAML support should be part of base serviceOperationalOut of profile scope 
29Lack of framework/contract terms; change controls, support escalation???OperationalOut of profile scope 
30Lack of testing SP/IdP facilities (test SP, test IdP)Run a testing SP/IdP for validation purposes during initial integration testing?OperationalNot addressed 
31Knowledge gaps with some vendors on how SAML works.???Operational

Out of profile scope or

The entire document

32Advertised but unsupported functionality in metadata (artifact endpoints, etc.)Advertise only supported endpointsOperationalIIP-MA01; IIP-MA02Partial; MA01-02 address listed encryption profiles. Arguably the metadata exchange requirements imply support of this. But no specific requirement listed.
33Availability of POP/mechanism for assessing riskInCommon: stronger focus on POP? [May be addressed in different workgroups]OperationalOut of profile scope 
34Publishing metadata contact info for security incident responseInclude security incident response (usually security or help desk) in metadataOperationalOut of profile scope 
35ForceAuthn: IdPs not ensuring user is reauthenticatedVerify function of reauth before resetting authninstantOperationalNot addressed 
36ForceAuthn: SPs not checking authninstantVerify (or allow verification) of authninstant currencySoftware/OperationalNot addressed 
37OASIS Standards have not been updated with Errata, current Errata out-of-dateRecommend in report-out of WG that someone be resourced to update the Errata and a modify the standard to include the changes from Errata (working with OASIS) (Scott C says someone has informally volunteered to do this. Who?)StandardsOut of profile scopeYes; Addressed separately (Scott C, Eric)
38Review with REFEDS once a solid draft is doneNick to check in with Nicole on thisStandardsOut of profile scopeNick
39Research collaboration requirements for adoption of a persistent nameIDUse of persistent nameID or other mechanism to enable seamless collaboration across multiple SPs in a research organization.OperationalOut of profile scope?Scott K
40"Ready For Collaboration" entity category for IdPsDescription of an entity category that would signal that an IdP is configured for ease of collaboration with no manual intervention by operators, does not re-assign ePPN, and/or uses persistent nameID... etc. TBDOperationalOut of profile scope?David W