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  • Grouper Call 12-Aug-2015

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Emily Eisbruch, Internet2


New Action Items - from Aug 12 , 2015


[AI] (Dave) look at PSP replace attribute issue.


[AI] (Emily) look for the doc on priv inheritance (update: found this page, may or may not be helpful )



Carry Over Action Items


[AI] (Chris) document JNDI and paging on the wiki




Update on New Grouper Team Member to replace DaveL

-Still in the works


 Issue roundup


Read-only and view-only admins:


[AI] (Emily) look for the doc on priv inheritance



TIER update


Tom reported that work on TIER architectural  planning is ongoing:

  • Continued action on finalizing requirements

  • Discussion on working group activities to start soon

  • Hope for bidirectional communication with TIER investing community


Update on Grouper at PSU


Gail: PSU is using Grouper for