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Who does it?Step
Chair and Flywheel (if available)

Ensure good practice is followed for working group calls, including:

Chair and Flywheel (if available)Make sure that Action Items are noted during the call, and reviewed at the end of the call.
Chair and Flywheel (if available)For software development groups, ensure that all contributors have signed the contrib agreement.
Chair and Flywheel (if available)Wiki / website should be updated with relevant information

Internet2 staff flywheels, please see these instructions to maintain info on group membership in Salesforce
This is very important for governance and advisory groups where the group membership changes as terms end and new members begin.

Chair and Flywheel (if available)Update the community on status / milestones /accomplishments. See Tools for Publicizing Working Groups, Recruiting New Members and Onboarding.
Chair and Flywheel (if available)Schedule Birds of a Feather (BOF) sessions or working group meetings at Internet2 Conferences
Chair and Flywheel (if available)

Schedule and coordinate additional Face-to-Face meetings as needed

Chair and Internet2For groups where the charter dictates membership terms (i.e. governance and advisory groups) ensure that the terms are adhered to, and new members are recruited and on-boarded accordingly.  Send letter of appreciation to outgoing members of governance and advisory groups (Emily Eisbruch Jessica Coltrin will help with this)

Producing Work Items