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To make the development environment identical to the production environment, configure your client to override the authoritative DNS server(s) for the domain to the development environment.  You can either configure your DNS, or you can use a VPN.


Currently, the DNS server for VPC-Dev runs on a personal, free t2.micro instance in EC2 and is accessible at  You will need a secondary resolver for real addresses, such as, (Level3), or, or


Configure /etc/named.conf and the zone file /var/named/masters/ (see examples attached).

chkconfig named on

Recursion is disabled and rate limiting is set at 5 per second.  Since there are a total of 3 records, this is basically impossible to use in any form of attack, ever, and it's in a personal account anyway.


named logs to /var/log/messages


/etc/init.d/named stop

This is configured to serve up the A and/or CNAME records for,, and for the specific VPC environment. 


VPN Docs:

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