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Configure your IdP to release the R&S attribute bundle now!

Identity providers are encouraged to release the R&S attribute bundle to all R&S service providers:


It is easy to configure a Shibboleth IdP to release the R&S attribute bundle to all R&S SPs. If, however, you are using SAML software that does not support entity attributes, consider releasing the Essential Attribute Bundle to all SPs instead.


For the purposes of access control, a non-reassigned persistent identifier is REQUIRED. If your deployment of eduPersonPrincipalName is non-reassigned, it will suffice. Otherwise you MUST release eduPersonTargetedID (which is non-reassigned by definition) in addition to eduPersonPrincipalName. In any case, release of both identifiers is RECOMMENDED.

An Optimization

A sufficiently capable IdP deployment can optimize attribute release based on the <md:RequestedAttribute> elements in SP metadata:

  • If a service provider lists the eduPersonPrincipalName attribute in metadata, and the IdP's deployment of eduPersonPrincipalName can be reassigned, then the IdP MUST release both eduPersonPrincipalName and eduPersonTargetedID to the SP regardless of whether eduPersonTargetedID is listed in metadata.
  • If a service provider lists any of the person name attributes in metadata, the identity provider MUST release some form of person name, either displayName or givenName + sn.



Beyond the two special cases noted above, an identity provider is NOT REQUIRED to release any attribute not listed in metadata.