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  • External Identities Work Group Meeting - 2015-03-26

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Agenda will be reviewing/discussing the updated draft of the External ID Report draft at:

Pre Meeting Notes

distributed with agenda

There has been substantial editing and reorganization since our last meeting, so probably a little more than a “quick scan” will be needed to digest it, even if you’ve read the previous versions carefully.


  • Eric’s desire (but lack of actual effort) towards turning the issues/risks (first appendix) into a table that cross references those risks to approaches (noted elsewhere in the document or on the wiki) that can be used to mitigate those risks.
  • Any discussion about UI issues for registering/linking new external identities.
    • On the last call we discussed that it wasn’t clear if there’s a “Right” UI to initiate the identity linking process; e.g., distinguishing between a “new identity needs to be created” vs. “here’s a new external identity to link to an existing institutional one”.


Discussed specific edit suggestions. The ones noted on the call were: