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titleA Shib IdP V3 rule that releases attributes to SPs registered by InCommon
<!-- this policy is active for a requester whose registrar has the given ID -->
<afp:PolicyRequirementRule xsi:type="saml:RegistrationAuthority"

The value of the registrars XML attribute above is the globally unique registrar ID for InCommon.


Releasing the R&S Attribute Bundle

Most of the Research & Scholarship (R&S) IdPs in the InCommon Federation are configured with a policy rule that releases attributes to R&S SPs tagged with the legacy InCommon R&S entity attribute value:


To facilitate the migration described suggested by the previous examples, all R&S SPs registered by InCommon have a multivalued R&S entity attribute in metadata.


For more information about configuring an IdP for R&S, consult the R&S Attribute Bundle Config topic in the wiki.