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NTAC Peering and Routing
In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, PJ Clayton, David Crowe, Michael Lambert, Darrell Newcomb, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Pete Siemsen, Joe St Sauver
1.    Update on peering
Meeting notes
1.    Update on CPS/TR
Chris Robb mentioned that Internet2 has been bringing up TR routers and the peerings were brought up over the weekend.  Everything went smoothly.
2.    Update on peering
Chris also mentioned that Internet2 has been bringing up second 10G for connectors.  The most significant has been for the set of networks behind GPN in KC.  With the second 10G, GPN has been draining all CPS in Chicago.  LEARN has asked to test CPS in Houston for 90 days and will be bringing up interconnect there.