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NTAC Peering

In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Eric Boyd, Matt Davy, Dave Farmer, Jon-Paul Herron, Caren Litvanyi, Jeff Olenchek, Ana Preston, Dave Reese, Bert Rossi, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, John Streck, Steve Wallace


Caren reviewed the slides on the CPS service.
A question regarding the percentage of total routes that the 995 routes represents as a measure of participation?  It is about 20-25%, that is, what people are sending us.

Chris introduced the new prefix request webpage at the connector BoF yesterday.  A request was made to add a checkbox  to the form for CPS.

A question was asked about the possibility of adding peers.  Caren indicated that there are more peers available although they are typically small.  There are no big wins left.  There are large entities at the exchanges but often Internet2 doesn't meet their requirements such as offering PNIs at locations required, etc.

The NOC has worked on the tools available for CPS and Caren can now produce a graph on quarters or any timeframe that is desired.

Work is continuing on the plan to get to Ashburn at 10gig.

There was a request to have the IPv6 information presented to the full NTAC.  Steve Wallace mentioned that this group had asked a specific question of the IPv6 working group in the past and asked if that could be an approach at this time.  Discussion ensued.

If a member has only IPv6, there was a concern regarding receiving notifications.  A plan to dealing with this will be pursued.