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NTAC Peering Working Group

In attendance:  Jeff Bartig, Brian Cort, Ken Lindahl, Caren Litvanyi, Bill Owens, Chris Robb, Linda Roos, Paul Schopis, Steve Wallace, Matt Z

1.    Update on CPS from Internet2
2.    Update on migrating IPv6
3.    Other topics

1.    Update on CPS from Internet2
Chris Robb provided an update. Two new peers were added and one additional location was added.  Caren mentioned that there is good attendance at NANOG and many vendors have sought her out based on the customer base that Internet2 has.  The NOC has configured a vlan for Duke through MCNC and expect that to be up soon.

Chris provided an update on the graphs for CPS that the NOC creates.  On certain interfaces, the database takes information on the interface and marks it as down and aren't sure what the reason for that is.

2.    Update on migrating IPv6
Steve has incorporated suggested changes into document.  Jeff had suggested sending the document to the v6 working group and Steve will ask Michael Lambert/Dale Finkelson to do so. Do we need to have a statement indicating that v6 only CPS customers will not be listed in this document?  Steve doesn't want to overload this document and suggests putting the statement in other locations (web pages, etc.).  Ken suggested that a reference to the supplemental information including information about v6 only CPS customers.
Ken indicated that the NTAC discussion was forwarded to the IPv6 working group.  He recalls that there was minimal discussion previously.  Ken volunteered to send the current document to the IPv6 working group and to request that comments be sent to Steven Wallace.

Caren indicated that the NOC has prepared the backbone for the transition and has used IU as a test case.  They have determined what kinds of changes need to made and divided into groups (minimal changes, medium amount of changes, difficult changes).  The vast majority will require minimal changes.  Tickets will be opened for all of the connectors by the NOC.

Jeff and Caren indicated that there is more interest in v6 at this NANOG conference.  They conducted an interesting experiment in which they shut down v4 for an hour and forced everyone to use v6.  Jeff is going to suggest that they do this at the next Joint Techs conference.

Steve suggested talking to the v6 working group about the types of metrics that they would like to see.