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In attendance: Jeff Bartig, Eric Boyd, Rodger Hess, Michael Lambert, Ken Lindahl, Caren Litvanyi, Dan Magorian, John Moore, Bill Owens, Linda Roos, Paul Schopis, Joe St Sauver, John Streck, Steve Wallace

1.    Agenda Bash
2.    Update from Internet2
3.    Update from Dynamic Services
4.    Update from AOAC
5..    Update from Peering Working Group
6.    Update on ARIN issues
7.    Update on naval observatory
8.    other topics

1.    Internet2 update
Conducted two DCN workshops in Hawaii.  There is a technical aspect of the FCC RHCPP and will be writing this to be reviewed by the NTAC.  Have been asked how Internet2 will treat RHCPP traffic on the network.  From a perspective of security, this traffic will be treated like regular internet traffic.  As more information becomes available, may want to have the NTAC  consider whether prefixes need to be in additional VRF.

2.    DCN update
DCN has transitioned from developmental to persistent service since beginning of the year.  It will remain at that level until the end of the year.  The demos have shown how the DCN is evolving.  Two tracks---use of DCN and other is providing DCN software suite to the community.  Released new version of the DCN software suite at the JT.  This software is running on Internet2 DCN.  In terms of deployment perspective, trying to move the running of the DCN from developers to Network Services and the NOC.  The NOC will be the point of contact for operational issues by the end of the month.  Working with a number of connectors and there is increased interest since JT.  There has been confusion regarding connecting to DCN and operating DCN.  Connectors can connect to DCN without independently operating DCN.  Conversations have occurred with NYSERnet, GPN, CENIC, PNWGP, NOX, Merit, and others.

There are several software packages that allow one to implement DCN.  Phoebus is an application that allows one to make it look like a TCP session from end to end and can start a DCN session in the middle of it.  Phoebus is dynamic---gets called up when circuit is started and is shut down when circuit connection is dropped.

Lambda Station is being used by UNL.  TerraPath is another software package.

3.    Update from AOAC
Strategic planning meeting will occur early next month.  Internet2 has proposed a policy that would allow, in times of disaster, to provide business continuity service to the community.  There are questions surrounding associated costs, which events would be considered emergencies,

4.    Update from Peering working group
Had a f2f meeting at JT in Hawaii.  Caren provided update on peering service.  She shared the utilization graphs and a list of peers.  Additionally, there was a discussion regarding the v6 migration using CPS.  Steve Wallace mentioned that, at JT, hadn't recommended a timeline for getting connectors v6 peering with the CPS and he proposed that connectors should get connected to CPS within eight weeks (April 3).  Dan Magorian mentioned that federal entities are moving toward using v6. 

John Moore asked if this has been widely communicated to the community.  Steve Wallace mentioned that Internet2 has communicated with the NTAC and have done presentations at JT.  Want to confirm the time frame and then will communicate with all of the connectors.

Paul will send a note to the list pointing to Caren's JT presentation and asked people to comment on the plan.

4.    ARIN Update
There was a rep of ARIN at JT.  He provided a message re: IPv6 and the legacy agreements; 18 months of v4 address space left.  Paul encouraged the NTAC and the community to take heed of the warnings of ARIN.  ARIN isn't sure how much space is available that could be reclaimed.  There is a plan to have someone from ARIN speak at the SMM so that the CIOs will hear about IPv6, the legacy agreement, etc.

5.    Other topics
Paul asked how many are responding to the GENI solicitation.  There was an indication that there will be many responses and discussion ensued.