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What is an enrollment flow?

One thing all collaborations have in common is that they need people to participate! Different collaborations may bring in new participants with varying degrees of formality. For collaborations where anyone can participate, a simple self enrollment process may be all that is required. For collaborations that are more contractually based, or that need to restrict access to materials in some way, an invitation process may be more appropriate. In all cases, you can configure the COmanage Registry to use an enrollment process suited to your collaboration's needs.


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The Basics

What type of enrollment do I need for my collaboration?

Consider how you bring people on-board today and what resources you are trying to share or protect. The CO Requirements Assessment can help you work through your collaboration's needs and help you understand what should work best in your environment.

How many enrollment flows can I have?

There is no limit from a technical perspective. You do need at least one.

Instructions on creating different flows


  • where individuals can sign up on their own, with an administrator approving the enrollments


  • where an administrator explicitly invites individuals into the collaboration


  • where an administrator signs up individuals into the collaboration