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  • CommIT VPC DNS and VPN Setup

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yum install -y --enablerepo=epel openswan xl2tpd bind

Configure /etc/named.conf and the zone file /var/named/masters/ (see examples attached).  Configure xl2tpd and Openswan.

chkconfig named on

chkconfig ipsec on

chkconfig xl2tpd on

Recursion is disabled and rate limiting is set at 5 per second.  Since there are a total of 3 records, this is basically impossible to use in any form of attack, ever, and it's in a personal account anyway.


named logs to /var/log/messages

Start/Stop Commands

/etc/init.d/named start

/etc/init.d/named stop

This is configured to serve up the A and/or CNAME records for,, and for the specific VPC environment. 

VPN Docs:

pretty much just stole