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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 5-Nov-2014

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  • The AAC is working to revise its charter to do more than manage the assurance process for certification.
  • The AAC is looking at what needs to be modified to increase trust within the federation.
  • This does not expand a lot the AACs charge. But it is broader than managing a process.
  • We have received lots of feedback (from our SP partners) on the lack of usefulness of the POP and the lack of Compliance. Some InCommon participants are not updating their POPs.
  • We have talked about decomposing the assurance profiles into trust marks to drive incremental progress within the federation.
  • The goal is to get people on the road to higher trust and higher assurance.
  • There is work at GA Tech on Trust Marks

Can address what we have heard from community about the POP and about MFA.

Would give more flexibiltiy.


EricG asks, there is Vectors of Trust group. Here at UC, he is taking similar approach in standards within UC. For incremental progress short of silver.