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The Mission of this Working Group is to identify what an IdP or SP operator needs to know about policies or practices associated with entities that would be added to metadata by any of the above practices, and especially which of those needs should be facilitated by the InCommon Federation itself. Each such need should be supported by a specific and documented use case. This Working Group should coordinate with other InCommon Working Groups that might be exploring issues in depth related to one of these new entity types.

Use Cases

  1. InCommon - Quilt Partnership Models
  2. IdP Proxy (proxying either IdPs or SPs) as a Metadata Entry
  3. EU IDP accessing SP at Brown
  4. Course with US-based and EU-based students
  5. eduGAIN Metadata
  6. LIGO as an International Virtual Organization


Membership in the Working Group is open to all interested parties. Members join the Working Group by subscribing to the mailing list, participating in the phone calls, and otherwise actively engaging in the work of the group. It is particularly important that the work group include schools, both large and small, that are perceiving hurdles to federating their institution. The goal is to make the process easier and that will require broad participation.