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This page covers standard operating procedures that are documented so they can be carried out consistently by different members. For governance procedures, see the ITANA Procedures page.

titleSession Planning Procedures
Conference calls

For each upcoming call:

1 to 2 weeks prior:

  • Update the ITANA 2014-2015 Itana Program, which is automatically included on the ITANA home page.
  • Update the Conference CallsCall Notes page with the next call date and time, which is automatically included on the ITANA home page.

The week before:

  • Call Leader:  Send out the agenda about 1 week before and ask for additional items
  • Call Leader:  Send out the finalized agenda with dial-in and webinar information 1 to 2 days prior to the call
  • Call Leader:  Update the agenda in Adobe Connect and clear the chat fields, discussion notes, et al
  • Call Leader:  Do other set up in Adobe Connect as needed

Day of the call:

  • Call Leader:  At least 15 minutes prior to the call, log into Adobe Connect and un-block guest access
  • Call Leader:  Switch Adobe Connect to the Call Start screen 
  • Call Leader:  Dial in to the bridge 5 minutes earlier, great people and announce that we will do roll-call at the start of the call
  • Scribe/Call Leader:  During Call:  grab a screen shot of the attendees list
  • Scribe/Call Leader:  At end of call:  copy any notes, links et al and send them out to the Scribe / Steering Committee
  • Call Leader:  Turn on "Block Guest Access" at end of call.
Screen2Screen sessions

Planning the Screen2Screen:

Communication and Outreach:

Test Content and Technology:


Face2Face planning

Planning the Face2Face:

  • Establish a Face2Face planning team
  • Determine outcomes and goals (what should attendees leave with) for the Face2Face

Communication and Outreach:

Once a site is determined:

  • Pass on the Host Check List to the meeting host


titleMembership Management Procedures
Granting Members Wiki Access


On-Boarding a New Steering Committee Member