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(info) This table is effective as of Registry v2.0.0. For earlier versions, see this page.


(warning) In Registry v2.x and v3.x, this table is only supported by certain provisioners (Ldap, Crowd, LdapServiceToken). (CO-1740)

1ActivePerson or Role is an active member in the COPerson, Role, and Group data provisioned
2GracePeriodPrimary association with the CO has ended, but services have not yet been deprovisionedPerson, Role, and Group data provisioned
3SuspendedAssociation with the CO has been (manually) temporarily suspendedPerson data and All Members Groups provisioned
4ExpiredValid through date has been reachedPerson data and All Members   Groups provisioned
No data provisioned
6PendingApprovalThe enrollment flow petition is pending approvalNo data provisioned
No data provisioned
8PendingConfirmationAn invitation or email confirmation was sent via an enrollment flowNo data provisioned
9InvitedAn invitation was sent via default enrollmentNo data provisioned
No data provisioned
11DeniedThe enrollment flow petition was deniedNo data provisioned
12DeclinedThe invitation sent via default enrollment was declinedNo data provisioned
No data provisioned
14DuplicateThe record is a duplicate of anotherNo data provisioned