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Self-registering for the Grouper Demo will work with your institutional credentials if your institution releases EPPN.  If not, you will see a blank screen or error message. If this happens, we suggest that you use Google or Facebook to register. A Protect Network identity will not work for accessing the Grouper Demo site.

To use the Google or Facebook option:

  • Close your browser
  • Start again at the Demo Jump Page
  • Click "Self-Register"
  • Select Google or Facebook from the "Select your organization" dropdown
  • return to the Demo Jump Page
  • click on the "Grouper UI vX.Y" link (not "self register")

    you need to use: "Social Login by Cirrus". Then you can use Google, Windows, Yahoo, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

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    The Grouper Team will receive notification when you register, and will add you to a folder with STEM privileges so you can create objects.