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We are incredibly excited to share that Angie Asmus, from Colorado State University (CSU), has been selected as SCinet chair for SC24.  Phil Roth (ORNL) will be the general chair.  Angie was selected as a WINS Participant in our second class in 2016 WINS partially funded Angie to return to SC17 and that investment has shown fabulous results. Since her initial WINS experience, Angie has taken on increasingly larger leadership roles on the SCinet Edge Team, serving as the SC18 Deputy Chair, and the Team Lead in SC19 through SC22.  Additionally, she participated in a panel style presentation at the Internet2 2019 Technology Exchange to share her experience "Helping Build a 4+ Terabit/Second Network in One Week." Angie has also grown in her professional career at CSU, and was recently promoted to the Manager of Network & Security Operations.

Angie is only the fourth woman appointed as the SCinet chair since its inception in 1996. This is a great attestation of the success of the WINS program. The WINS management team would like to express our appreciation for your continued support of this program, which is changing many of our participants' lives.

New Co-Chairs Selected for Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative Steering Committee

By Amber Rasche, Senior Communications Specialist

February 2022

Internet2 welcomes Sarvani Chadalapaka, director of Cyberinfrastructure and Research Technologies (CIRT) at the University of California Merced, and Deidre Mitchell, enterprise information security engineer at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, as the new co-chairs of the Internet2 Inclusivity Initiative (I2I) Steering Committee.

Deidre Mitchell and Sarvani ChadalapakaImage Added

Understanding that diversity, equity, and inclusivity (DEI) are essential for a robust and thriving global research and education community, the I2I Steering Committee works with Internet2 staff on resources, projects, and programming opportunities that support DEI across the Internet2 community.

I2I is part of Internet2’s larger commitment to promoting a culture that includes, encourages, supports, and celebrates diverse voices and reflects the communities we serve. Learn more about the initiative, its priorities, community collaborations, and available resources here.

Sarvani and Deidre are past recipients of the I2I Scholarship Award and have served on the I2I Steering Committee since 2019. They have been appointed to serve as co-chairs starting in January 2022.

“I would like to continue the Internet2 Inclusivity program legacy of providing resources to improve diversity and inclusion in the community of networking and technical professionals,” Sarvani said. “I am excited to be working alongside my co-chair, Deidre Mitchell, in these efforts.”

“I am honored and grateful for the opportunity to work with Sarvani as I2I Steering Committee co-chair,” Deidre said. “I look forward to the collaborative endeavors we will encounter as we strengthen the diversity, equity, and inclusion landscape within the Internet2 community.”

Internet2 and the I2I Steering Committee would also like to thank outgoing committee co-chairs Laurie Burns-McRobbie, first lady emerita of Indiana University, and Marla Meehl, manager of network engineering and telecommunications services at the University Corporation for Atmospheric Research and manager of the Front Range GigaPoP, for their many contributions to I2I. 

“Laurie and Marla have been deeply supportive of I2I since its inception in 2014,” said Ana Hunsinger, vice president of community engagement at Internet2. “Under their guidance as co-chairs, the I2I Steering Committee has facilitated many critical conversations to strengthen DEI in our community and has supported 41 early-career women professionals in the fields of networking and IT through professional development and mentorship opportunities afforded by the I2I Scholarship program.”

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