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  • Grouper Call 26-Mar-2014

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Tom Barton, University of Chicago (chair)
Chris Hyzer, University of Pennsylvania
Jim Fox, University of Washington
Shilen Patel, Duke University
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

New Action items

Wiki Markup\[AI\] (Shilen) investigate ways to get new attribtues in a single step

Wiki Markup\[AI\] (Shilen) do performance testing prior to the Grouper 2.2 release

Wiki Markup\[Ai\] (Emily) assist with outreach around testing the new Grouper UI when Chris is ready for testers

Wiki Markup\[AI\] (Emily) draft a message promoting the Grouper BoF at Internet2 Global Summit (done)

Carry Over Action items

Wiki Markup\[AI) (DaveL) look at PSP ChangeLogDataConnector Inconsistency issue[]

Wiki Markup\[AI\] (DaveL) write up the doc related to the Shib Grouper question.[]

Wiki Markup\[AI\] (DaveL) work on the PSP aspect of GRP 914.


Testing the new Grouper UI
We hope to enlist some community members for testing, vetting, and providing feedback on the new Grouper UI.
This testing will be initiated after Chris finishes his current work on developing the new Grouper UI. Chris hopes to be done with first pass on the new UI in about one week. See the tasks table for the Grouper UI development work:


Linking the new Ui and the two older UIs
How should we handle linking of the three Uis?

  • Admin UI
  • Lite UI
  • New Grouper 2.2 UI

-Currently a setting in the properties file controls linking between the Lite and Admin UI.
-The default is to go to the Admin UI.
-Default for Grouper 2.2 should be to go to the new UI
-Some users might have links to their groups and not know the new UI exists
-Chris: When the old Uis go away (eventually, but not for Grouper 2.2), we can redirect URLs to the new UI.