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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 12-Feb-2014

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David reported that the Multi Context Broker (MCB) code is ready :and a community announcement will be coming soon.

David has put together developed some documentation that introduces concepts and why they a site may want to be interested  interested in the MCB. We are interested in getting community input on the MCB. The Shib users list will be used for questions and comments on the MCB. The code is stored on GITHUB on an Internet2 spaceThere is an . An issue tracker we will be using for bugs

Right now the draft page says that we support authentication methods that can be invoked via the AAS

Also via the legacy Shib remote user authentication method

That's a less functional method but it allows people to bring in authentication methods they are already using with Shib

Dave L at tracking bugs. Dave Langenberg from U. Chicago said he has 's been able to implement DUO authentication for the MCB. Some of the other acceptance testers  testers are now trying that out

There will be link from project status page to the documentation

Getting community input on this

A roadmap for what should happen next

Additional  authentication modules people may need

Understanding . A roadmap will be developed for next steps, such as additional authentication modules that may be needed. We will also need to understanding what needs to be done to integrate into Shib V3 when it comes out

Basic functionality  is there

Some want a slicker user interface

What we have is not the best looking but it's functional

The 1.0 cod is out there, we just have not had time to do the community  announcementTook

It has taken about 1.5 years from developing the spec to getting this MCB implemented

This should help those interested in MFA with Shib and Assurance.



Failed Authentication