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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 12-Feb-2014

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Ann: no input directly from Steering on this. InCommon TAC has been working on priorities and has passed along some recommendations to Steering. TAC wants to make assurance relevant to the community as a whole. One approach is to set a baseline set of practices for the community, to bring up the trust level. This can potentially address the fact that the current POP (Participant Operational Practices) document does not provide sufficient transparency to help SPs and IdPs understand the identity practices in effect.

There have been discussions about "we need an entry level set of practices for Sps and IDPs coming into the federation"

Research requirements for profiles is on the TAC list

Doing an analysis and keeping tabs on FICAM is on the ist

There are opportunities in the community that are more compelling than FICAM for the TAC

Assurance is on the TAC list, but not necessarily FICAM related

This is preliminary

Steering is looking at what TAC has recommended

than FICAM.

Scott:  As there are new profiles for HE or for Resrearch
Will there be a chance to help influence Federated Incident Response? That is in the profiles from the beginning?