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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 12-Feb-2014

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FICAM has released a 2.0 version of their spec as of early February 2014.The trust framework

Trust framework providers have 6 months to comply with the new FICAM spec.
InCommon will talk w Anil on Feb. 7 14 to share  share thoughts about FICAM 2.0
. We had previously submitted comments in writing.

The 6 months for compliance applies to InCommon but not to IdPs.
We don't know what this means for our IDPs. We are starting discussions to see what is the impact to the InCommon Assurance program and the community. The question came up about what are the service providers they are working with first? The Veterans Admin is the biggest one.


The hope is to address the needs of those SPs that are of interest to the InCommon community and the needs of the IDPs for good practices. The AAC is trying to come up with a happy medium that grows the trust level of the InCommon federation in a logical way.

Scott Koranda: have you has the AAC had input from Steering or TAC on the amount of effort to continue to put into  FICAM?


One approach is to set a baseline set of practices for the community, to bring up the trust level. The idea is it comes back to the current POP and how the POP does not help SP s and IdP s to understand transparency on identity practicesThis can potentially address the fact that the current POP (Participant Operational Practices) document does not provide sufficient transparency to help SPs and IdPs understand the identity practices in effect.

There have been discussions about "we need an entry level set of practices for Sps and IDPs coming into the federation"