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Do not commit the same change to multiple branches. Pick the "earliest" relevant branch and commit there. For example, if you commit to hotfix-3.0.x, do not also commit to develop. Your commit will flow to develop at the next merge. This makes it easier to track where a change came from.

Under limited circumstances, it may be necessary to cherry pick a commit or otherwise violate this rule. Please discuss before doing so.


In general, do not merge hotfix-*, develop, or master. That will happen at release time. You can merge a temporary feature-* branch into hotfix-* or develop.


BranchDescriptionBranches FromMerges To
masterCurrent release or release candidate--
developNew features scheduled for next minor release-master, hotfix-* (if appropriate)
hotfix-*Bug fixes and minor changes scheduled for next bugfix releasemastermaster, develop
feature-*Experimental or prioritized featuresmaster for prioritized development, otherwise any suitable branchdevelop, hotfix-* (if appropriate)