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Multi-Context Broker Model

The Multi-Context Broker (MCB) was released in February of 2014 to improve support for multi-factor authentication and assurance profiles in version 2.x of the Shibboleth IdP.  MCB functionality is also in the more recent Shibboleth IdP version 3.x.  See Multi-Context Broker for more more background and information on how to configure and deploy the MCB for either version of the Shibboleth IdP.


titlePlease see MCB for IdPv3

The focus of these pages is on the Multi-Context Broker (MCB) software for Shibboleth version 2.x.  Please see Orchestrating Multiple Authentication Methods and Contexts - The Multi-Context Broker (MCB) for information about implementing MCB functionality in Shibboleth IdP version 3.x.