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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 6-Nov-2013

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Assurance Advisory Committee (AAC) Update

Mary Dunker reported on recent activities of  the  of the AAC:

AAC Membership
Several nominations for AAC membership were received during the  recent call for nominations period of Sept. 26 – Oct 31, 2013.
This is to fill slots on the AAC for a an SP representative, an IdP representative, and auditor and potentially a member at large.
The open slots are due to current members' terms expiring. The plan is to  ask each candidate to submit two paragraphs summarizing their interest, background, ability to make the necessary time commitment and their institution's support of the required time commitment. The AAC hopes to have a recommendation to Steering in December regarding new AAC members .

Updated AD Assurance Cookbook
AAC has also been providing guidance around on interpretation of the Assurance spec to the group working on updating the updated version of the AD Assurance Cookbook. Several members of the AAC had a good call with the AD Assurance group recently, and the questions and issues have been resolved from the AAC's perspective. The AD Assurance group has done an excellent job in updating the Cookbook. The whole community will benefit.

Cloud Security Alliance Cloud Controls Matrix
The Cloud Security Alliance is producing a Cloud cloud controls matrix and , including some information relative to higher ed. The InCommon TAC and the AAC are looking at where we can provide input around federated authentication and IdM. One goal is to ensure that Net+ services have appropriate security features and can be easily integrated into a federated environment.