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Slide Presentation at 2014 Quilt InCommon Federation Workshop

Pilot target constituents:   At present, we have a single community college Member involved, but have reached out to additional K12 organizations, as well as other community colleges.

Pilot Scope:   Currently a single IdP, may increase to 2-4 more depending on response to recent outreach.

Initial Pilot Goals:   To get 1-2 community colleges and 1-2 K12 organizations using a federated service.  These would then be documented as use cases, we would also gain more insight into federating and start to put together best practices and getting started guides for our Members. 

Targeted start and end dates for initial pilot: First pilot is likely to start in September, and looking to wrap up by December 2013.  K12 pilots may start in October/November and last through end of school year 2014.

Post-pilot longer term goals:        To expand the use of federated identity through the K20 space in the state of Michigan, also to increase participation in Merit’s Michigan-focused federation, Merit Michigan ID.  An additional goal is to prove the collaboration benefits and cost savings to be found in shared (federated) services. 

Federation model selected for project: Interfederation

InCommon Affiliate assistance/role in pilot:    So far, very little to none needed.

Targeted applications or cloud services: Currently working on Canvas, looking to expand to NJVid (Merit’s Cloud Media) with K12 orgs.  Eventually, we would like to work on federating internal services with our Members.