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  • Minutes of Assurance Call of 10-July-2013

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Brett was on the June 20 call.  At U. Nebraska, the goal is to implement a system for counting failed logins by Aug. 1, since Nebraska has a target to achieve bronze by Aug. 1.  Brett currently has an implementation counting the LDAP failed authentication attempts. This work is posted on GITHUB and there is information on the wiki at However for AD, Nebraska has challenges around identifying the proper event codes. Brett has discussed the AD event codes issues with U. Chicago and would like to confer with other institutions also. Ann suggested writing a note to the assurance list to ask if anyone can help with the AD code. The AD topic came up at the CIC IDM meetings taking place this week in Columbus. Brett will be in touch with Ann to arrange an opportunity to talk about the AD issues with the AD Alternative Means Assurance Group.

Assurance Use Case

Ann stated reported that the Business School of a large research institution recently approached InCommon with a new use case. At this institution, Central IT has stated that the Business School needs to be Bronze certified. The Business School has an IDP, but does not need to be in InCommon metadata, it needs  to conform to the bronze profile to achieve security goals. So at this institution, Central IT is outsourcing the security/ credential requirement to InCommon.