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note: for all of these processes there may be an IT owner as well as a business owner.

Table of Contents

Manage curriculum

  • Manage market analysis (deciding on programs/courses based on market needs eg internationalization)
  • Manage workflows and approvals
  • Manage programs, courses, degree/certification requirements, prerequisites, corequisites
  • Manage academic calendar
  • Manage publications (Print, web)
  • Manage archiving
  • Manage institutional/professional competencies
  • Manage external relationships (e.g., accreditation, articulation)
  • Manage course/material evaluation
  • Manage credentials and credential approval

Course catalogue (courses and programs) P
Course evaluations (C)
Academic Calendar (P)
Market analytics (C)
Transcripts/Degree (P)
Academic rules and policies (P)
Competencies (P/C)
Articulation Agreements (P)
Accreditor Info ( C )
Organizational/Academic Hierarchy (P)

Manage Faculty Appointments

  • Manage teaching loads (contact hours)
  • Manage competencies and training (including training on instructional tools)
  • Manage scheduling
  • Manage reviews (student evaluations, peer evaluations)
  • Manage tenure reviews, promotion (HR resources management may be a leveraged enterprise capability)

Competencies ( C )
Job classifications (P+C)
Instructor profile ( C ) (e.g., CV) (includes evidence of training)
Reviews (Peer and student) (C+P)
Schedule ( C )

Manage enrollments

  • Manage admissions (direct entry into programs from outside)
  • Manage program enrollment (academic career: majors, minors)
  • Manage course registrations
  • Managing registration controls
  • Waitlisting

Student Academic Career ( C )
Academic rules (pre-reqs, degree rules etc) ( C )
Student Identifier ( C )
Enrollment record ( P )
External transcript ( C )
Internal transcript (P)
Waitlist ( P )
Enrollment controls (P)


  • Schedule classes
  • Schedule resources
  • Schedule instructors and support (TA)
  • Schedule learning contexts (classroom, etc.)*
  • Managing educational technologies (including synchronizing enrollment data)
  • Optimize resource usage
  • Publish schedule

Physical Facilities inventory ( C ) (buildings, labs, lecture halls)
Academic calendar ( C )
Instructor catalog ( C )
Schedule of classes ( P )
Standard meeting patterns ( C )
Catalog of educational technologies ( C )

Manage evaluations

  • Grade collection
  • Assess and publish progression (through program)
  • Manage external evaluations (coop, work-study)
  • Manage degree audit

Outcomes (grades) ( C )
Student degree plan ( C )
Academic policy ( C )
Transcript (P)

Manage credentialing

  • Degree audit (has student completed requirements)
  • Manage convocation
  • Evidencing of credentials (printing, badging etc)

Degree rules (not restricted to traditional degrees...could be 5 sections of MOOC) ( C )
Transcript ( C )
Student degree plan ( C )
Academic policy ( C )
Credential ( P )
Completion analytics ( P )

Manage IP around instructional materials (do we keep this?)

Commercialization of instructional products (eg LMS, tools, OCW)

Gliffy Diagram
nameAdministrator capability map