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The Version 1.1 of the Attribute Registry V 1.0 is is the latest release of one of the early deliverables from the Scalable Privacy project.

The core data elements are attributes, each of which comes from one of a defined set of specifications or standards. The images in this overview were taken directly from the ontology tool, Protégé, used to maintain the registry. A web-accessible version of the registry is available at

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Each attribute of the 715 attributes currently in the registry is associated with the specification that defines it. For example, the OpenID Connect specification covers the following attributes:


Going forward, attributes from additional specifications and standards will be added (including a master set from FICAM and one from the state of Virginiaschema from additional national federations in Norway and Australia).  One open issue is whether the current list of attribute metadata is adequate or whether there would be value in carrying additional metadata elements in a general purpose registry of this sort.

Reference: The Currently Defined Set of




one Attribute Classes

AccessibilityProfile, Account, Address, Affiliation, Age, Anniversary, Application, Assurance
Birthdate, BirthPlace
Certification, Citizenship, Clearance, Contact, Country, Course
DN, Date, DeathDate, Description
Email, EmailMetadata, Entitlement, Ethnicity
Gender, Group
Language, Link, Locale, Location
Name, Note
Operational, Organization
Password, Phone, Photo, PhysicalCharacteristic, Pointer, Position, Preference, Presence, Privacy, Profile
Relationship, Residency, Role
Salutation, Search, StateOrProvince, StatusMessage, SuperiorNode
Tag, Timezone