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Only need to address one of the 3 password storage alternatives

Alternative 2 

Wiki Markup\[AI\] Ron  Ron will upload Bit Locker information to the wiki.  

  • Decrypts sectors are they are read  which meets the requirement to only decrypted when immediately needed for authn.
  • Uses AES256 optionally which is approved


Focus on native issues for AD. Only identified use case was password store replication among AD servers.


  • Lee uses IPSec \uses IPSec [AI\] Lee will check into recommendations for AD password store replication.  
  • Keep a note about provisioning for implementers and off-site data centers

Note about the Cookbook: Provide clear direction about practices that clear the bar and AM.unmigrated-wiki-markup

\[AI\] Mark to fill in and 3.

Wiki Markup\[AI\] Michael to update the existing rows to reflect today's discussionunmigrated-wiki-markup

\[AI\] Eric to fill in,, If  If we can determine how to handle protected channels, these may fall out under that. Eric will review if there are other gaps besides protected channels.