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LIGO Wiki Approved for Research & Scholarship Category

The LIGO Wiki has been approved for the InCommon Research and Scholarship Category (R&S). This is the second LIGO resource to be approved for the R&S Category. R&S allows participating identity providers to release a minimal set of attributes to an entire group of approved services, rather than negotiating attribute release one-by-one.

The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO) is a facility dedicated to the detection of cosmic gravitational waves and the measurement of these waves for scientific research. It consists of two widely separated installations within the United States, operated in unison as a single observatory. This observatory is available for use by the world scientific community, and is a vital member in a developing global network of gravitational wave observatories.

Service providers (SPs) eligible for the R&S category support research and scholarship services for the InCommon community. Participating identity providers (IdPs) agree to release a minimal set of attributes to R&S SPs (person name, email address, user identifier) after making a one-time configuration to the IdP’s default attribute release policy. This provides a simpler and more scalable approach to federation than negotiating attribute release individually with every service provider.

With the addition of these new services, there are now 11 R&S SPs. Also, 42 IdPs have indicated support for the R&S Category. A complete list of R&S services and the IdPs that support them is maintained on the InCommon web site. See the InCommon wiki for more information about the R&S Category, including application forms for both SPs and IdPs.