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  • InCommon Registrars and Comodo Certificate Manager Service

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Issues InCommon is facing today;
  • Comodo is setting up a testbed IdP/SP, rearchitecting CertMgr SP
  • InC Ops is authoritative for admins that get access to CertMgr
  • RegAuthOfficers (RAO) analogous to fed mgr site admin so it could extend to that...
  • Today: InC RA (the Master RA O (angie, et al.) maintain info in two places: locally and manually input into CM.
  • Manual entry could go away if we did distributed (de-)provisioning of CertMgr.
    • E.g., Change of email address.
If it works for Certificate Manger, Extend to Federation Mgr as we start to distribute the components of it; Extend to Soc2SAML gateway and its admins;
Tasks toward solution demo
  • Stand up SCIM endpoints
  • ...
  • Profit!