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4.2.8 Technical Environment


 Virginia Tech Certification authority  VTCA infrastructure components (EJBCA, TAS), Shibboleth IdP, and the communication channels between these components 


Hardware for the VTCA and IdP is located in the Information Systems Building data center. All access to the building is monitored with video cameras, with entry doors requiring swipe cards. Additional biometric access is provided for machine room entry. Machine room visitors are required to have an escort and sign a log book. Fire suppression systems are installed, and cooling and other environmental factors are monitored. Power is backed by UPS and generator, with sufficient redundancy to provide a reliable operating environment. Our Shibboleth

 Daily backups are of all components of the IdMS are stored at a secure offsite location which can only be accessed by authorized personnel.

The Shibboleth IdP is configured in a high availability environment to minimize system failures, but the database is a single point of failure. Should a failure occur, the result should be unavailability, not an inaccurate assertion.