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4.2.5 Authentication Process


Central Authentication Service (CAS), Shibboleth, eToken Usage Agreement.

Gap Analysis:

No gaps were identified. 

Management Assertion:

Virginia Tech's IdP authentication implementation allows the Subject to interact with the IdP in a manner that proves he or she is the holder of a Credential, thus enabling the subsequent issuance of Assertions. 

Evidence of Compliance: 

CAS is the authentication handler for Virginia Tech's Shibboleth implementation. CAS contains functionality to resist replay attacks. SSL provides secure communication and resistance to eavesdropper attacks. Proof of possession is provided via the requirement for the user to possess a hardware eToken whose private key can only be unlocked using a password which is known only to the Subject. The CAS protocol specification requires entropy in session ids and cryptographic techniques to ensure that sessioins are at least as resistant to attach as initial authentication. The risk of sharing credentials is mitigated by the requirement for the Subject to use two-factor authentication. The Subject is required to read and digitally sign that he/she will comply with the eToken Usage Agreement before the device is given to the Subject.

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4.2.6 Identity Information Management