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The authentication credential is bound to the Subject during credential issuance according to procedures that are described in the Virginia Tech User Certification Authority CPS. These procedures are carried out by the RA and CA Administrators who use TAS to register the subjects and issue certificates onto eTokens. The process requires the RAA to verify the person's identity in person, comparing information from the required government-issued photo IDs with information in the IdMS and comparing the photo with the pysical appearance of the Subject. Unique attributes associated with the Subject in the IdMS are included in the X.509 certificate. Revocation requests are taken by the Help desk and offices that issue eTokens. The revoked certificate serial numbers are included in the CRL, which is published at least once every 24 hours. Certificates are issued for a period of two years, and upon expiration or revocation, the Subject must appear in person to receive a new public-private key pair and certificate using the same procedures as for initial personal digital certificate issuance on the eToken. The tAS audit logs (records of issuance & revocation) and archives are retained for three years. Auditors confirmed compliance by observing the credential issuance process.

4.2.5 Authentication Process