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Scalable Privacy: An NSTIC Pilot for the Identity Ecosystem

Use Case Library

Attribute Registries, Bundles and Application Categories

titleA Note on Terminology

On these pages we will often group applications into application categories. It will sometimes be useful to group attributes into various attribute bundles based on their common applicability to a set of use cases. A given attribute bundle may be associated with a particular application category when the attributes in that bundle are generally required or useful for the operation of applications in that category.

Citizen Centric Schema

  • Attribute Pilot

Privacy Manager

  • Privacy Manager Pilot

Multi-Factor Pilot

Anonymous credentials

  • Anonymous credentials Pilot

Reference docs

  • Multifactor Authentication References
On the utility of context in assessing privacy dimensions of online scenarios
  • Reading Notes on Helen Nissenbaum's Privacy in Context:Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life
  • See Andrew Cormack's reflections on how this approach does and doesn't help us in thinking through federated identity and access management contexts

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