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Growth in the InCommon Federation

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The number of entities (identity providers and service providers) in the InCommon Federation is apparently growing by leaps and bounds, but breaking this down, the number of service providers (SPs) is growing exponentially while the number of identity providers (IdPs) enjoys only a modest growth rate. Even though the number of SPs is actually underestimated (since some entity descriptors in metadata have literally dozens of distinct endpoints) we claim the number of SPs is not a good indicator of overall Federation growth. To understand the dynamics of the InCommon Federation, one should follow the growth of IdPs over time.


R&S is a baby step in the right direction. Currently there are eight (8) R&S SPs while more than 30 IdPs have self-asserted their support of R&S. If R&S takes off, it could have a dramatic effect on attribute release (and hence on privacy) in the InCommon Federation.