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There are API methods to lookup objects by ID index.  e.g. GroupFinder.findByIdIndexSecure(idIndex, exceptionIfNotFound, queryOptions).  Note, these methods cache by default, but you can stop the caching with queryOptions.  Also there are: StemFinder.findByIdIndexSecure(), AttributeDefFinder.findByIdIndexSecure(), AttributeDefNameFinder.findByIdIndexSecure()

The getIdIndex() method returns the assigned idIndex, for example 

Code Block
gs = GrouperSession.startRootSession();
group_name = "aStem:aGroup"
g = GroupFinder.findByName(gs, group_name)

Web services

ID indexes are added to WS for clients 2.2+ (note, for SOAP you need the new 2.2 endpoint).  These examples are XML, though you could do the same thing with JSON, XHTML, or SOAP.