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 This topic is discussed in the Advanced Topics training video.


  • grouper_membership_lw_v: This view can be used for memberships or Grouper group privileges (e.g. if someone can ADMIN a group).  Note: make sure you have the proper where clause which selects the proper list (generally "members")

This view contains all memberships (direct, indirect, groups, people, etc). To return a simple list of effective membership for people try:

SELECT DISTINCT subject_id FROM grouper_membership_lw_v WHERE group_name="{path:to:group}" AND subject_source="{people_subject_source}" AND list_name ="members"


  • grouper_perms_all_v: This view can be used for Grouper permissions.  Note, DISALLOW is exposed through the SQL interface, and is not calculated.  So if DISALLOW is assigned in the data being used, you should either not use the SQL interface, or you would need to calculate the DISALLOWs after selecting the data (note, this is a complicated algorithm though it is documented on the wiki with examples).

  • There are some useful tables to join to: grouper_groups, grouper_members, grouper_stems, etc