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titleUpgrading Multiple Versions

It is not always possible to upgrade multiple versions in one step. When this is not the case, if you attempt to skip a critical release you will see this message when trying to update the database schema:

Cannot automatically upgrade past version x.y.z. Please upgrade to that version first.

You must download and upgrade successfully to the specified version. This is the list of versions that block upgrading:

If you are currently runningYou must upgrade to this releaseBefore being able to upgrade to this release
v0.9.3 or earlierv0.9.4v1.0.0
v0.9.4v1.0.0Any later release
titleReview Installation Instructions

You should review the general installation instructions to check for any changes to minimum version (eg: minimum PHP version) and other requirements. 


Backup Your Database

While upgrading is usually a fairly straightforward process, from time to time fairly significant database changes are made. Efforts are made to make these changes transparent, but as a precaution you should create a backup of your database prior to upgrading in case you need to revert the upgrade.