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Table of Contents

Setup Database

COmanage Registry is tested against PostgreSQL and MySQL. It may work against other databases supported by CakePHP, but no other databases are regularly tested.


titleUse InnoDB Storage Engine With MySQL


Unless otherwise noted, any currently supported version of these databases may be used.

Create a new database for COmanage Registry. You can name the new database whatever you like since you will configure the Registry below with the name of the database.

MySQL / MariaDB Considerations

Deployments using MySQL/MariaDB should use the InnoDB storage engine, not MyISAM.

To set this as the default storage engine on a Unix-like system, add the following to /etc/my.cnf and restart


the database before setting up the database tables:

No Format
# Set default engine to InnoDB



The storage engine can also be set


on a per-session or per-table basis, see the MySQL documentation for details.)


Postgres Considerations

Due to issues with an older version of ADOdb, Registry v3.3.4 and earlier may encounter schema management problems when used with Postgres 12 or later. For these versions only, supported versions of Postgres 11 or earlier should be used.

Registry v4.0.0 or later use an updated version of ADOdb, and can be used with any supported version of Postgres.

Configure COmanage Registry

Copy the file registry-current/app/Config/database.php.default to registry-current/local/Config/database.php. (For versions prior to v1.0.0, copy the file to registry-current/app/Config/database.php instead.)


Code Block
titleexample database.php for PostgreSQL
var $default = array(
 'driver' => 'Database/Postgres',
 'persistent' => false,
 'host' => 'localhost',
 'login' => 'registry_user',
 'password' => 'a good password goes here',
 'database' => 'registry',
 'prefix' => 'cm_',

Install Database Schema


When running this step under v0.9.4, you may notice deprecation messages like

Deprecated (16384): Validation::notEmpty() is deprecated.

These messages may be safely ignored, and are addressed in v1.0.0 and later. (CO-1119)


Set up the database schema.