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 This topic is discussed in the "Grouper Toolkit Components" training video.


Component (with link to more info)



Installs the Grouper API, quickstart data, UI, WS, client, and PSP.


The core of the Grouper system.

Subject API

Handles the connection with a site's existing Identity Management operations

Grouper Database

Registry/repository of Grouper data

Grouper Shell

Command line for interacting with the Grouper API, including XML import / export

Web Services

Allows application developers to leverage Grouper (SOAP and REST)

Grouper Client

A java client for Grouper web services 

Grouper Loader

Synchronizes group memberships based on an external data source. This also runs various daemons and should be run in any Grouper installation

Grouper Daemon

A command line process that can handle many Grouper tasks

Grouper User Interface

Available in Grouper 2.2 and above, allows browsing tree structure, managing groups, managing favorites and more.

LITE User Interface

User-friendly interfaces for a variety of tasks

Admin User Interface

Exposes much of the API's capabilities

Attribute Framework

Allows you to attach metadata to objects in the registry


Logs changes and allows for notification to external systems (using XMPP, HTTPS, and other connectors )

Access Management Features

See the overview to learn about roles and permissions, rules, enable/disable dates and more


Configurable declarative scripts that run at certain times and perform specified actions

External Users

Supports external or federated users


Reports on the health of Grouper

Provisioning Service Provider (PSP)

Provisions Grouper objects to targets


Connectors (with link to more info)


ESB Connector

Enable Grouper to interface with an ESB

Kuali Integration

Allows integration with Kuali Rice

SCIM Integration

Allows integration with SCIM (available in Grouper 2.2 and above)

Atlassian Connector

Implements the Atlassian access and profile providers

Grouper VOOT Connector

implements the VOOT specification

Another Grouper Instance

Allows sharing a group between two Grouper management systems