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Frequently Asked Questions about the R&S Category

Table of Contents

General FAQs

Which services are eligible for the Research & Scholarship category?


The R&S category defines a bundle of attributes that SPs choose from. InCommon identity providers that support R&S release a minimal subset of this attribute bundle to R&S SPs. For details, see the deployment considerations for IdPs wiki page.

Where can I find complete information on the Research & Scholarship Category?


What are the deployment options at the IdP?

See the R&S wiki page for IdPs.

How do I configure my IdP to release the absolute minimum attributes required?

If your software supports it, you can release a dynamic subset of the R&S attribute bundle based on the list of requested attributes in SP metadata.

How do I get my IdP on the official list of IdPs that support R&S?

Once you've configured your IdP to release the R&S attribute bundle, you declare your IdP's ability to support R&S by submitting a short form. Normally such an IdP would be added to the list within one business day.