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Form hosting and modifications

Dave Perhne at University of Michigan has agreed to host the form.  As they are running Google apps, this will allow respondents to re-enter the form.  The form is a bit long and unwieldy, so it can be filled out in multiple sessions.

Leo needs to make the updates to the form as per th April 5 meeting.  These should be complete by Friday 13 April.  Then Leo can forward the form to Dave early next week.

Scott and Keith are going to re-write the questions around Identity. Something along the following lines.
a) App invokes service on behalf of a user. i. service in cloud. ii. service in local domain
b) App invokes service on its own behalf i. service in cloud ii service in local domain.

Progress log

Dry run:

  1. UW Madison Scott and team
  2. Ohio State Glenn


  1. UBC Leo, Vincent Aumont
  2. Michigan Dave Pehrne, Chris Eagle
  3. Cornell Philip Robinson
  4. Georgetown Piet

Rollout plan

  1. Phase 1: Internal use
  2. Phase 2: hand-held interviews
  3. Phase 3: maybe shortened version for world
    Combining interviews

Glenn+Leo UofT Frank Boshoff and Rajiv Kraushik
Leo Richard Fernig: Keith+Leo Berkeley Dedra and JR Schulden