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  • API
    • Batched operations (e.g. add 100 subjects to a group at once).  There is a separate server-side max-in-batch param in the
    • Transaction support (if any fails in one batch request, rollback all in that single batch request)
  • Authentication
    • Let container or web server handle
      o   PKI
      o   http-simple-auth
      o   Source IP address filtering (TODO)
    • Custom authenticator
    • WS-Security
      o   PKI
      o   Kerberos
    • Proxying. The web service can execute operations based on an underlying user, not the authenticating user.  Note the authenticating user must have appropriate permissions
  • Error Handling
    • Error codes and error messages are sent in responses, as well as warnings.  In batched mode, batches of response codes are returned.  In REST, the http status code is used as well.
  • Clients
    • Grouper will provide a quick start with Java, and it is up to users to create their own clients.  The SOAP and REST are based on the HTTP documents, so any programming language will work
  • Web Service Implementation
    • Apache Axis for SOAP, and home-grown for REST
  • JSONP is supported, see this jira

Quick start

Note the WS is included in the Grouper Installer.  Checkout the appropriate projects under grouper-ws, read the README.txt in the grouper-ws/grouper-ws cvs directory