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*Carryover Action Items*
AI (All interested) in the higher-ed peer group, contact Chris Eagle.
AI (All) Think about topics for potential Educause session(s).


  • New to Higher Education Peer-Group
  • First Google+ Hangout Tue 13-March 11:00 AM EST
  • every 4 weeks, coincident with the ITANA call weeks
  • 1st topic: collaborative approach v. directive approach
  • all are welcome, even if not new to higher ed
  • must have Google+ account, and add Chris, Jim and ITANA pages to your circles
  • can join audio only if you don't have a camera
  • instructions will go out to the list in advance
  • Perhaps this could be used in conjunction with the SOA survey.

– Future Call Agenda Items:

  • Does a heavy-weight EA Tool add enough value to outweigh the price and heaviness of the tool itself? Can we find a case-study or two?
  • Rolling out a new SIS
  • Why would you use an EA tool? What are the goals of making artifacts? What is the purpose of these artifacts?
  • Defining and promoting the architecture brand (suggested by Scott F.)
  • - Open Cloud Platform - UC Berkeley and UW-Madison

Participation and subscription information for this EDUCAUSE Constituent Group discussion list can be found at