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This page contains community contributed work and experiences.
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AD Silver Cookbook - Alignment of institutional Active Directory with InCommon Silver


Higher level of assurance credentials from InCommon identity providers will enable greater access to cyberinfrastructure (CI) via CILogon. A 2009 technical report (pdf) provided an early mapping from InCommon Bronze and Silver to International Grid Trust Federation (IGTF) requirements. Many CI providers around the world, such as TeraGrid, Open Science Grid, and the LHC Computing Grid rely on IGTF standards. The CILogon Silver CA is an IGTF accredited service that is ready to provide IGTF compliant certificates to researchers based on their InCommon Silver credentials, once InCommon members have been certified at the Silver level. The Roadmap for Using NSF Cyberinfrastructure with InCommon provides additional information about the value of campus authentication (via InCommon) to CI, including the role of the CILogon service.

InCommon Operations

The InCommon Federation Manager (FM) and the InCommon Certificate Manager (CM) are two high-profile web applications that require strong authentication (but not necessarily Silver). An analysis of the assurance requirements of the FM and the CM indicates the need for an assurance profile that rationalizes Bronze requirements in the presence of two-factor authentication.


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