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Conference Call Info: Video Bridge 22103

  1. Dial the Auto Attendant at 812-856-7060
  2. Enter the conference number (22103) followed by the # key (e.g., 22103#)




Jimmy Vuccolo


Matt Sargent

Indiana U / Kuali

Eric Westfall

Indiana U / Kuali

Dedra Chamberlin


Omer Almatary


RL "Bob" Morgan


Venu Alla


Muhammad Siddique


Lucas Rockwell



  1. Introductions/Roll Call
  2. Action Items from Last time
    1. subpages for possible Registry Solutions - Matt done
    2. Meeting for ID Match Group - Dedra coming soon
  3. ID Match and Registry Evaluation
    1. Initial thoughts on documentation, evaluation questions, etc.
  4. Dedra: Proposed Evaluation timeline/dates
    1. Timeline
    2. Evaluation Questions

Action Items

  1. Dedra - put links in the wiki for the OpenEMPI whitepapers, Jimmy's strawman, and Lucas' matrix (based on Jimmy's strawman).  Mail that out to the group
    1. Group - review these documents, note any questions or missing things from the strawman or matrix your group might want/need
  2. Venu - plug away at getting OpenEMPI up and running.
  3. Dedra - Poll group about moving meeting to 12pm instead of 11am (EDT)


matt - evaluation pages are up and being filled in by the groups

eric - my goal is to have the Kuali review for this wrapped up by the end of today

dedra - PSU and OR as going to be done today as well

dedra - the timelines need updated.  we are starting ID match and the Registry evaluation
at the same time.  hope to talk about IDMatch today.  in regards to Registry, how much time
do we need to review the responses once they are final?  2 weeks?

jimmy - at least a week I think...

dedra - if we do 2 weeks that's frees up the next 2 meetings to look at ID Match.  please use the 
mailing list if there are qustions that come up while reviewing the responses

eric - sounds good to me

dedra - ok.  today we'll talk about ID match.  there is a plan to build software and there is 
also an OpenEMPI option that Venu will show. we can also give folks access to the prodcut

venu - in dec. we were researching any work in OS world for ID Match/Resolution.  I found a couple
white papers and some Univ products, but this health care option OpenEMPI seemed to be adopted by 
quite a few vendors and being adopted to their own products but rebranded as their own.  My next 
step is to deploy it and try to integrate it to see if it's a viable option.  Their whitepapers 
talk about the algorithms they use and such, very useful to check out.  It is written in Java and is
service based. should be able to have some answers in the next few weeks as to how useful it may be.

dedra - we're going against the strawman that Benn wrote up to see if it answers the questions and needs
we need.  If you could, read the strawman and whitepapers by the next meeting.  see if it answers our
key questions, hopefully it covers the strawman.

venu - yes we discussed using the strawman matrix to see if it matches up.

lucas - it's on the UCSF wiki, but i'll move it to the I2 wiki soon.

dedra - thanks.  for the OpenReg and PSU folks that have been looking at this, are there other items 
that need to be added.

jimmy - i'm looking at it, seems interesting.  I'd be interested in the APIs, how it's called, criteria,

eric - that's one thing, i'm familiar with the master/patient context i'd be interested in how much of this
tool is specific to the med domain.  are there any issues that would make it difficult to use outside.

venu - i think it's fairly pluggable.  i've seen it used by other vendors, has a pretty active industry.
frequent updates, roadmaps.

eric - i'd be interested in seeing if we could have someone in that community come talk to us.

dedra - for sure if our initial evaluation points that we should go further with it, we really need
to do that.

venu - should be pretty easy to get in touch w/them.  it's out in Oakland.

bob - i noticed it seems to have some pointers to moving to, would be interesting in what their
Oracle relationship is.

dedra - would it work best to have access to the software or have venu do a demo sometime.

venu - getting it installed is pretty easy, but getting it up and running for use will take some time.  next 
week is a no go, but march 9 might be doable (might).

dedra - ok we'll target March 9 for a demo.  for March 2 read through the materials and documentation, so 
we can talk about any issues/questions that come up for ID Match.  March 16 or 23 target for making a decision.

venu - since we just introduced it, maybe the 16th is too soon for a technical review.  Would be great to have 
Jimmy's input (did he mean Eric?).

dedra - does this do video sharing as well?

eric - we can get something setup, adobeconnect, etc.

dedra - ok review the documentation

eric - sounds good

dedra - to talk about registry evaluation, is there anything that came up or questions that you felt were missing?

omer - most of the questions all make sense.  there maybe other questions about workflow, architecture that aren't
there but we are willing to answer.  seemed pretty straight forward.

dedra - those of us that are reading the responses as a potential adopter, we can always ask next week on the call.

dedra - I still want to find one more university to be included as a potential adopter.

jimmy - i was contacted by NC State, they're in the process of looking at Person Regisrty.  told them about
this effort and they are interested. talking to CIO today about it.

dedra - if NC State and Colorado St are interested, that'd be great.  they have appointed someone to Kuali...

eric - yeah, jeff ruch

dedra - they say that hope jeff could be part of this as well

eric - yeah, jeff's working on other things w/Rice.  CSU has implemented multiple kuali things, KIM, so 
that may be there interest as well.  it'd be good to talk to them to see what their interest is.

dedra - got some notes from Randy Iaokie? sounds like NC State might be a better fit for a group that could 
be involved.

jimmy - i'll see what happens, they were supposed to get back to me today.  if they are interested, I'll 
move them over your way.

dedra - ok, if they are interested, they could be incorporated right away.  anything else?

omer - I only find 1 document for OpenEMPI?

dedra - I'll send out a link to OpenEMPI, the strawaman, and the matrix that Lucas put together...will do before Monday 
so everyone has time to look at it prior to friday.  i'll update the timeline too on the wiki.

bob - i should mention from the strategry/org land, they're hoping to finalize on the contract for the contractors to
do the business plan developer work in the next few days and get that kicked off.  the funding is the final point, but
we should be able to charge ahead soon.

dedra - i know there have been times that this meeting time isn't the best for all.  since we're getting into the meat 
of the evaluation, please try to ensure you're going to be avaialbe for the calls.

eric - yeah, generally I have a monthly conflict on the last friday of the month, anyone else have a reoccuring conflict.

dedra -what about moving it to 12pm EDT instead?  as long as we have at least one person from each group, instution.

bob - if you want to float the time change, i'd support it.

dedra - ok i'll send that idea out to the mailing list and see what everyone thinks.