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Getting Started with Grouper Provisioning Tests in Eclipse

To test provisioning from Grouper to LDAP or from LDAP to Grouper, you will need a working Grouper API installation and an LDAP DSA.

These instructions assume that you have the Grouper and provisioning projects in your Eclipse workspace, and that you are using Maven to build Grouper. See Grouper Development Environment Using Maven.

Getting Started with the Grouper API

Start HSQL or configure a database for Grouper. The following example is for PostgreSQL.

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hibernate.dialect = org.hibernate.dialect.PostgreSQLDialect
hibernate.connection.driver_class = org.postgresql.Driver
hibernate.connection.url = jdbc:postgresql://
hibernate.connection.username = postgres

If you configure a database, whitelist the db connection. Since we are using maven instead of ant, Grouper will warn regarding jarfile mismatches. You may wish to turn off these warnings.

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configuration.detect.errors = false

db.change.allow.user.0 = postgres
db.change.allow.url.0 = jdbc:postgresql://

PostgreSQL requires a modification to conf/sources.xml, scroll down until you see the following and cut & paste the correct SQL.

No Format
 <\!-\-  for postgres, use this query since no concat() exists:

Logging to stdout may be helpful, add grouper_stdout to the log4j.rootLogger.

No Format
log4j.rootLogger  = ERROR, grouper_error, grouper_stdout

The Grouper database needs to be initialized. I usually run via a right-click and select Run As -> Java Application. This will fail since the Grouper database has not been initialized. I copy the GrouperShell run configuration via the menu Run -> Run Configurations..., add the -registry -runscript argument, and run this new run configuration.

Running the original GrouperShell run configuration should result in a gsh prompt.

No Format
Type help() for instructions
gsh 0%

The Grouper API installation is now ready.

Getting Started with Provisioning Tests

There are several example provisioning projects, named psp-example-*.

Configuration files are located in the src/test/resources directory. Please note that when running tests from the psp-example-* projects, the src/test/resources directory takes classpath precedence over the grouper/conf directory. For the curious, the configuration files in src/test/resources are included in the psp distribution.

The Apache Directory Studio plugin to Eclipse, available via the Eclipse Marketplace, is helpful when testing LDAP provisioning.

Test Provisioning from Grouper to LDAP

The psp-example-grouper-to-ldap project tests provisioning from Grouper to LDAP.

Adjust appropriately for your LDAP server.


All ldap entries under edu.vt.middleware.ldap.base will be deleted during testing !

Right-click on and Run As -> Java Application or Junit Test.

The src/test/resources/data directory contains ldif and xml files. The ldif files are used to initialize the LDAP directory for testing or to verify that the LDAP directory was correctly provisioned. The xml files are used to verify that the psp returned the "correct" SPMLv2 responses. "Correct" is in quotes since some psp messages are custom and outside of the SPMLv2 specification, for example, CalcRequest, DiffRequest, SyncRequest, etc.